I'm still developing this page, but as I work on it, I will keep adjusting it and adding to it. 


The goal is to complete a reductionist style guide to psychological development and have it run as a conceptual foundation for my brand. As I develop my brand, this conceptual foundation will also continue to develop.


The reason I believe the alchemical process is such an important idea to spread in relation to sustainability is because I believe that the internal psychological developments can be applied to the external material world aswell. For example: if the psyche has a repressed shadow that needs to be better understood, the systemic equivalent would be something similar to the prison systems. If our shadow is caught in a loop of negative expression and is not sublimated, our prison systems will also represent this negative loop and cause prisoners to be reincarcerated instead of reintegrated to the collective. Basically; the absolute is also the whole. 


An uncomplete psyche is unsustainable and has society falling back onto systems of reason rather than direct experience.

*Insert occam's razor*

It makes sense that the fear based, regressive, and unbalanced collective psyche would manifest a fear based, regressive and unbalanced built environment. We are stuck in a giant and small loop of regression, and stepping out of regression usually leads to painful attacks from the social collective and will leave you completely alone and ostracized until you create your own vessel, community or parallel structure. 

Our environment effects our psyche and our psyche impacts our environment. We create blockages and severances in our bodies. Our architecture, fashion, and urban planning displays that. Our clothing is disconnected from nature, our architecture severs us from nature, and our urban planning has us all feeling alone and disconnected.



"The alchemical process"

People refer to the alchemical process in many different ways, 


"Self Actualization"

"The Alchemical Process"

"The Hero's Journey"

"Become Monke" 


As you research, you will find these terms are used interchangeably.


The goal of the individuation process is the complete expression of the self.

Nature doesn't repress itself, its doesn't block itself, it just goes.

As the collective shadow grows, and the poison's of society are continually shoved under the rug, the repressions of these poison's will spill out of the unconscious and will lead to outburst in violence.


Here is a poem I like to share that represents this unsustainable repression we are currently facing in todays society;


A Poison Tree