Feel Good About the Clothing You Wear in 7 Steps:

Sustainable Streetwear by Terra2k

When shopping for sustainable clothing, it is important to have full transparency when it comes to how your clothing is made. In this compiled list, we show our own sustainability practices and why we do them.


1. Compostable Shipping Mailers.

Every Terra2k Package is shipped in a fully compostable mailer that is safe to go in your green bin. The mailers we use are from the company "noissue," with an in -house screen-printed Terra2k logo, using eco-friendly water-based inks. The decision to use the poly mailer was due to the uncertainty of the effectiveness of the recycling process. The goal behind our simple, light, and compostable packaging is to minimize waste as best as we can.

 compostable shipping mailer


2. Textile Sources: Where Are the Fabrics, Threads and Hardware We Use Coming From?

Every Terra2k clothing item is made from one of the following:

  1.         - Thrifted/ Reworked Fabrics.
  2.         - Vintage/ Deadstock Fabrics. 
  3.         - Fabrics and materials that would otherwise go straight to the landfills.
  4.         - 100% organic cotton and fair trade blanks.
  5.         - other sustainable/ creative means.  

Keeping in mind that some people are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing thrifted clothing, we want to ensure our customers that we not only hand pick the highest quality garments we can find, but we also make sure to wash and sanitize them before alteration. You can find each item's fabric sourcing in detail under the product description on the product page.

thrifted tags

3. Product Quality.

A key player in sustainable fashion is product quality and durability. To combat fast fashion, creating the highest quality clothing that will last as long as possible is essential. All of our pieces are handmade with care and attention to detail. From the material usage and seam quality to the fabric selection, we aspire to give you nothing but the best when it comes to product quality. This leads us to our next point of sustainability, our repair shop.

terra2k sissors

4. Repair Shop Initiative.

To help keep clothing life longer, we offer free repairs on all Terra2k pieces for customers located in Calgary. This repair shop helps keep clothing life as long as possible, while also reducing waste. We offer repairs on the following:

  1.         - Print touch ups
  2.         - Frayed Seams
  3.         - Retagging
  4.         - And More (!)

To see if a repair is possible contact us at info@terra2k.shop and we will respond in 1-3 business days.

ripped flannel

5. Minimal Product Tagging and Paper Tagging Usage.

To keep our clothing as sustainable as possible, we use very minimal tagging. Ensuring sustainability when it comes to the details, our tags are sourced from “BCIlabels”. Our neck tags are printed directly onto the shirts, and the wash instructions are printed on recycled materials with water based inks.

tag design

6. Eco Friendly Printing and Threads.

Down to the very inks we print with, and threads we use, we always use the most sustainable options. All screen printed goods are water based, and water based DTG prints are done locally. All of our threads are sourced from Gunold, an eco friendly embroidery thread supplier. We only use the strongest, highest quality threads that are all biodegradable.

EDIT: For new creations, we now only sew with strong and biodegradable threads for everything, using 100% organic cotton or 100% sustainably sourced cellulose threads. (See here for threads research) We no longer use Gunold.

We do however use found polyester threads if it makes sense to use for the garment, or if people donate polyester threads and fabrics we will make good use of them.

globe terra2k

7. Brand Transparency.

Behind every piece, the details of how it was created is conveniently listed in the product description on our store. By providing full transparency on how our clothing is made and sourced, we hope to create pieces that you can stand behind and become attached to. We believe clothing should be personal and unique. This is why we only drop limited quantities of each design. Its also why every piece has a detailed production description.

recycle terra2k