Sustainable Streetwear Goods (!)
Each clothing item is hand-made with recycled and up-cycled textiles by Terra2k. (Learn More).
Optimistic Production for Pessimistic People (?)
Established in 2020, Terra2k is a sustainable streetwear brand that is a reflection of pessimistic views for the future. (Learn More)
Repurposed Clothing by Terra2k (!)
Clothing items are hand picked from Calgary thrift stores and other sustainable means, repurposed into new clothing items.
Designed to be Appropriated (?)
The goal of Terra2k is to show that sustainable streetwear is a growing and profitable market in hopes that other businesses will follow suit.
Beyond Clothing (?)
By creating a blogging platform, Terra2k aims to provide resources and build an online community around the creation or adaptation of sustainable business practices within fashion and design.