Sustainable Streetwear Goods (!)
Each clothing item is recycled, up-cycled, vintage, printed on organic cotton, sewn from deadstock textiles, or sourced from other sustainable means. (Learn More).
Optimistic Production for Pessimistic People (?)
Established in 2020, Terra2k is an experimental clothing line that questions what sustainability means on an internal and external level. What shifts and transformations are needed on an individual and systemic level to create a sustainable planet that works for everyone? Terra2k uses fashion as a vehicle to convey ideas and build understanding on these topics.  (Learn More)
Turning Lead Into Gold Through the Alchemical Process (!)
Upcycled clothing items are hand picked from Calgary/Vancouver thrift stores and other sustainable means, repurposed into new and functional clothing items. This is where the tagline "Turning lead into gold through the alchemical process" comes from.
Designed to be Appropriated (imagine if adobe made photoshop free like blender, it could change the world )
The goal of Terra2k is to show that sustainable fashion is a growing and profitable market. By showing that sustainable options are actually more profitable in the long run, and providing sustainable fashion consulting, Terra2k is defining the balance between consumption, production, and sustainability.
Not Just a Product, Also a Service (?)
By creating a blogging platform and tutorial content on social media, Terra2k aims to provide resources and build an online community and service around the creation or adaptation of sustainable business practices within fashion and design.  https://www.instagram.com/terraresearch/